Manipal Marathon

When it comes to catching up with global trends, we the student population of Manipal leave no path untrodden. The Manipal Runner’s Club in association with Protons Runners has come up with the idea of The Manipal Marathon, a first of its kind. Being the very first marathon to be organized in Manipal, the idea has been well-received by Manipal University and along with the university itself, huge names like the Adani Group and Syndicate Bank have shown a keen interest in sponsoring the event. (x)

As someone who does not run cross country but works out everyday, I consider myself to be relatively fit but not fit enough to run a 21km marathon. 10Km was the perfect balance for me as 3km or 5km would not test my endurance as much. It is important to understand your abilities and not to push yourself too hard physically when it comes to marathon because you will sorely pay the price for it after the event due to burnout.

It was super fun running the 10Km run! Feel completely exhausted yet completely satisfied. I completed the run with a time of 01:13:48 and am thrilled at this achievement 💪🏻