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Indian Tea-time, re-invented

Masala Chai and glucose biscuit bread


In Bakery Class, we were presented with a bread challenge. We had just finished learning about all kinds of breads and our bakery professor, Chef Vasanthan Sigamany challenged us to create a bread of our own, that was inspired by something typically Indian.

So I put my thinking cap on and tried to recollect everything I learnt in my Indian cuisine class. But no matter what flavours I came up with, nothing seemed to really stand out; just ordinary bread with a mixture of spices. A friend of mine then suggested I try doing something sweet, like an Indian sweetmeat addition or something of the like as pastry is my forte. So after a bit of brain storming, I came u

Chai and Glucose biscuits

p with the idea of using Masala Chai as my inspiration.

All over India, people of all social strata share a thing in common: their affinity for Chai. A common accompaniment to this would usually be some glucose biscuits.

And so I set to work.

I made a rich dough using milk as the only liquid component, but I stewed tea leaves and spices like cinnamon, clove, anise, cardamom and ginger to  infuse the flavour of Masala Chai.

I then made a paste by crushing glucose biscuits (Parle G) and adding melted butter to make a smooth paste. I rolled out my bread dough and laminated it with this paste, rolled it up and then snipped away using a pair of scissors to create a unique design to the bread loaf.

To accompany this loaf, I created a sweetened milk reduction called rabdi (another classic Indian dessert sauce). It complemented the bread beautifully and I got extra credits for it.


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